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myExperiment Service Governance

We hold a weekly meeting in conjunction with major collaborating projects (currently 3pm Monday on skype voice) and a weekly development-focused meeting (currently 11am Tuesday on skype chat) where development priorities and service updates are planned. We report back into the fortnightly "metameeting" (held in Manchester on Friday mornings at 10am).

The following group of people are routinely involved in these meetings and hence in making decisions about the myExperiment service - others are also invited and consulted as appropriate:

  • Finn Bacall
  • Sean Bechhofer
  • Khalid Belhajjame
  • Don Cruickshank
  • David De Roure
  • Carole Goble
  • Rob Haines
  • Danius Michaelides
  • David Newman
  • Kevin Page
  • Stian Soiland-Reyes
  • Shoaib Sufi
  • Alan Williams

We also consult "friends and family" for some decisions, where Marco Roos and Peter Li act as advisers from the bioinformatics community.

This group is representative of the stakeholders in the development of the service and membership is updated on that basis. Meeting chairs are selected on the basis of availability. Decisions are recorded by email.

This governance model is intended to be open and transparent. At this time we have not needed formal procedures for dispute resolution or for changing group membership. However we have noted that it is desirable for the sustainability of myExperiment that we should formalise this model, hence discussions have been underway in conjunction with Shoaib Sufi, and we have been taking advice from the OSS-Watch service.